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Welcome! The South Eastern Medical Interpreter Association is a non-profit organization that provides continuing education opportunities and a forum for medical interpreters and translators to exchange ideas and experiences. SEMIA supports medical interpreter training in order to facilitate access to health care and other fundamental services for limited-English proficient and marginalized communities. The Association promotes professionalism and public awareness of the importance of providing quality interpretation services in health care. 

Bridging The Gap (BTG) - The first step to certification

Read a brief explanation of the program and see the next scheduled training offered through SEMIA, in the Lexington and Louisville areas.

Also, check out our companion sites for other training dates:

Section 1557

What is it and and what does it mean for... 

  • healthcare providers?
  • interpreters?
  • patients?

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SEMIA in the News

Check out the latest newspaper and radio interviews with representatives from our organization to find out more about us.

Interpreter Meetups

Meet fellow interpreters in your area:

Need an Interpreter?

Our members include ASL and spoken language interpreters. Many are certified healthcare/medical interpreters. You can search our member directory online or download a copy.

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